Fun, nutritious and colourful lunches on the go.

Developed by our dietitian and co-founder, Jodie Read


Lunch boxes can become monotonous to fill on a daily basis. There is actually 200 school days a year, then multiply that by children and you have a lot of filling to do!  Although some prep on the weekend can help with a few special treats, sticking to basics, and getting the balance right is the key. A variety of nutrients from all the core food groups will have you a thriving, happy and alert child ready to learn, play and smile.


ο»ΏKeep food fresh and safe

  • Contain the Rainebeau Lunch Box in an insulated bag with a frozen drink bottle or ice block

  • Freeze in the tray overnight dips, yoghurts or other liquids

  • Wash your hands before preparing yours or your kids lunches

  • Teach your kids to also wash their hands before they eat their meals, or help making the lunch

  • Throw out perishable foods that weren't eaten that day



Increase variety with our  compartments and leakproof seals

  • Many fabulous snack and meal ideas involve liquid based foods, such as yoghurt and dips.

  • The beauty of our Rainebeau Lunch Box are the silicone seals keeping everything in their separate compartments.

  • Kids especially love a mix of different foods to choose from, and the compartments allow for chopped and prepared foods to stay fresh, and your kids able to tuck straight in.

  • No more wrappers littering the school yards

  • No more food scraps stuck to the bottom of the school bag


How to fill your lunch box


The key to staying satisfied and energised is to balance those nutrients, both macros and micros, by picking 1-2 things from the following to stay nourished throughout the day:

  • Meat, fish, chicken, eggs or vegetable PROTEIN such as legumes, tofu, or nuts

  • Dairy or fortified alternatives such as soy yoghurt or cheese for daily CALCIUM and muscle building PROTEINS

  • Vegetables are the best source of filling FIBRE and ANTIOXIDANTS

  • Fruit is full of ANTIOXIDANTS, FIBRE and energising CARBOHYDRATES

  • Nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocado and olives are a fantastic source of HEALTHY FATS

  • Wholegrains, legumes and root vegetables provide high FIBRE low GI CARBOHYDRATES to keep you energised all day long

  • Plenty of H2O to GO


Never run out of fresh & fun ideas!