Is the Rainebeau lunch box environmentally friendly?

Yes, we designed the Rainebeau lunch boxes to reduce the use of wrappers and rubbish when taking food with you on the go, and the design encourages fresh, unprocessed local produce. The plastic is durable and free of nasty chemicals, and should last you years, therefore reducing toxic landfill.

What materials are Rainebeau lunch boxes made with?

Rainebeau lunchboxes are designed to be durable and functional. All materials are food grade safe, BPA Free, and free of other nasty chemicals including no PVC, phthalates, lead, or vinyl. The inner tray is made from a heavy duty polproyplene plastic (PP), the leakproof seals are made from thermoplastic rubbers (TPE), and the outside container that holds the tray is made from ABS plastic.

How much food does the Rainebeau lunch box hold?

Rainebeau lunchboxes holds 1.2 Litres (nearly 5 cups) of food. The large compartment holds just over 2 cups (575ml), the two medium compartments 1 cup (250ml) and the 4th compartment 1/2 cup (125ml)

What are the dimensions and weight of the Rainebeau lunch box?

Dimensions:  233mm x 179mm x 56mm
Weight: 650g
Capacity:  1200ml
1. 115mm x 104mm x 49mm – Capacity: 575ml
2. 81mm x 64.5mm x 49mm – Capacity: 250ml
3. 81mm x 64.5mm x 49mm – Capacity: 250ml
4. 115mm x 25mm x 49mm – Capacity: 125ml

Is the Rainebeau lunch box microwave and dishwasher safe?

Yes, all components of the lunchbox are dishwasher safe.  When washing in dishwasher place on the top shelf only. The tray is both dishwasher safe and microwave safe, however the outer container is only dishwasher safe and not microwave safe, therefore remove the tray when heating up food in the microwave. To increase the longevity of the leakproof seals it is best to handwash the outer container when you have the time.

Are Rainebeau lunchboxes leakproof?

Yes, we designed the Rainebeau lunch boxes to be completely leakproof between compartments as well as the whole container, no spills and mess in the lunch bag, or no soggy sandwiches covered in fruit or yoghurt!

Does the Rainebeau lunch box provide insulation?

Due to the thickness of the materials used the lunch box does provide some insulation for pre chilled foods, however to keep food safe and chilled we recommend keeping your Rainebeau lunchbox in an insulated lunch bag with a freezer brick during warmer months. Our lunchboxes fit into many standard lunch bags, please see the dimensions. The Rainebeau lunch bag will also be available soon, we are currently perfecting the design!

Will I have to replace my Rainebeau lunch box often?

No, our lunch boxes are made with durable materials, and unlike other plastic lunch box containers, you should get years of use from your lunch box. We suggest you handwash the outer container when you have the time to maintain the longevity of the secure leakproof seal. We also provide a 1 year warranty on your lunch box, given appropriate care has been taken.